K. Tanaka

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Segmentation of arterial wall boundaries from intravascular images is an important problem for many applications in the study of plaque characteristics, mechanical properties of the arterial wall, its 3-D reconstruction, and its measurements such as lumen size, lumen radius, and wall radius. We present a shape-driven approach to segmentation of the arterial(More)
The performance of the Lung Imaging Fluorescence Endoscope (LIFE) system was compared with conventional bronchoscopy in 158 patients: 68 patients with invasive cancer, 42 patients with abnormal sputum cytology findings (12 early cancer and 26 dysplasia), 17 cases with resected lung cancer and 31 smokers with symptoms. The respective results of conventional(More)
We recently reported that the polycomb complex protein Bmi1 is a marker for lingual epithelial stem cells (LESCs), which are involved in the long-term maintenance of lingual epithelial tissue in the physiological state. However, the precise role of LESCs in generating tongue tumors and Bmi1-positive cell lineage dynamics in tongue cancers are unclear. Here,(More)
In recent years, several molecularly targeted therapies have been developed as part of lung cancer treatment; they have produced dramatically good results. However, among the many oncogenes that have been identified to be involved in the development of lung cancers, a number of oncogenes are not covered by these advanced therapies. For the treatment of lung(More)
Abstarct-Amplification is one of the most basic and prevalent RF/Microwave circuit functions. This paper describes the design of an 11 GHz PHEMT ATF-36077 microwave amplifier. The amplifier is manually designed using conventional technique, Smith chart was used to do a matching of the input and output of the amplifier. A completed design of the amplifier(More)