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Nanodiamond (ND) has been proposed for various biomedical applications, including bioimaging, biosensing and drug delivery, owing to its physical-chemical properties and biocompatibility. Particularly, ND has been demonstrated as fluorescence- and Raman-detectable labels in many cellular models. Different surface functionalization methods have been(More)
In this work, a 10-wavelength, polarization-multiplexed, monolithically integrated InP coherent QPSK transmitter PIC is demonstrated to operate at 112 Gb/sec per wavelength and total chip superchannel bandwidth of 1.12 Tb/s. This demonstration suggests that increasing data capacity to multi-Tb/s per chip is possible and likely in the future.
Objective: In this study, we tested platelet count (PC), prothrombin time (PT), activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), and other indicators of coagulation function, and revealed their difference in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) between plain and plateau area. Base on the results, we may provide research basis for the therapy of TBI(More)
Fully integrated monolithic, multi-channel InP-based coherent receiver PICs and transceiver modules with extended C-band tunability are described. These PICs operate at 33 and 44 Gbaud per channel under dual polarization (DP) 16-QAM modulation. Fourteen-channel monolithic InP receiver PICs show integration and data rate scaling capability to operate at 44(More)
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