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The authors assessed the variations of pH-values of the physiological saline used for in vitro degradation tests of DL-Polylactide (DL-PLA)/chitin and DL-PLA/chitosan composites and DL-PLA. The weight-loss rations, the appearance and morphology of the tested specimens, and the molecular weights of DL-PLA in composites and pure DL-PLA were alse investigated.(More)
A very sensitive immunosensor based on polyaniline/ Nafion/protein A (PA/NF/PrA) composite electrodes has been developed for the amperometric immunoanalysis with urease-labeled immunoreagents. The use of urease conjugated goat anti-RIgG (GaRIgG-Ur) as the labeled antibody and urea as the substrate with an amperometric detection at -200 mV (vs Ag/AgCl)(More)
Photocatalysts and Photoelectrodes James L. White,† Maor F. Baruch,† James E. Pander III,† Yuan Hu,† Ivy C. Fortmeyer,† James Eujin Park,† Tao Zhang,† Kuo Liao,† Jing Gu,‡ Yong Yan,‡ Travis W. Shaw,† Esta Abelev,† and Andrew B. Bocarsly*,† †Department of Chemistry, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08544, United States ‡Chemical and Materials(More)
Radar target identification using high resolution range profile (HRRP), the target length is an important feature due to that it can reduce the time of identification and mitigate noise redundancy. Traditional threshold methods with the different operators are highly sensitive to noise. In this paper, we proposed an adaptive difference operator for target(More)
Monitoring is an essential part of smart home technology, and monitoring data are applied to optimize a number of different goals. However, the monitoring component is uneasy to implement by hard coding, and it is time consuming and error prone. In this paper, we propose an approach for generation of monitoring component. We first extend a meta-modeling(More)