K. T. Huber

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1 Introduction In a highly original, but not yet sufficiently appreciated contribution entitled " Six theorems about metric spaces " [32], John Isbell presented and discussed the following intriguing observations: from X into X with α • α = Id X and with d(α (x), α (y)) ≤ d (x , y) for all x , y ∈ X. (ii) Every metric space (X, d) can be embedded(More)
A simulation model to demonstrate that soil water potential can regulate transpiration, by influencing leaf water potential and/or inducing root production of chemical signals that are transported to the leaves. Signalling impacts on the relationship between soil water potential and transpiration were simulated by coupling a 3D model for water flow in soil,(More)
Soil drying and re-wetting (DRW) occurs at varying frequencies and intensities during crop production, and is deliberately used in water-saving irrigation techniques that aim to enhance crop water use efficiency. Soil drying not only limits root water uptake which can (but not always) perturb shoot water status, but also alters root synthesis of(More)
Split root experiments have the potential to disentangle water transport in roots and soil, enabling the investigation of the water uptake pattern of a root system. Interpretation of the experimental data assumes that water flow between the split soil compartments does not occur. Another approach to investigate root water uptake is by numerical simulations(More)
Stomata can close to avoid cavitation under decreased soil water availability. This closure can be triggered by hydraulic (‘H’) and/or chemical signals (‘C’, ‘H + C’). By combining plant hydraulic relations with a model for stomatal conductance, including chemical signalling, our aim was to derive direct relations that link soil water availability,(More)
  • Katrin Huber, Florian Heuberger, +4 authors Ana KARABATIC
  • 2010
SUMMARY Precise Point Positioning (PPP) is a satellite based positioning technique aiming at highest accuracy in close to real-time. First investigations using dual frequency data from a single GPS receiver data for a few cm-positioning in post-processing mode have been published in 1997 by JPL. Utilizing the ionosphere free linear combination the remaining(More)
The use of standard dynamic root architecture models to simulate root growth in soil containing macropores failed to reproduce experimentally observed root growth patterns. We thus developed a new, more mechanistic model approach for the simulation of root growth in structured soil. In our alternative modelling approach, we distinguish between, firstly, the(More)
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