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The sequence of an mRNA encoding nitrite reductase (NiR, EC from the tree Betula pendula was determined. A cDNA library constructed from leaf poly(A)+ mRNA was screened with an oligonucleotide probe deduced from NiR sequences from spinach and maize. A 2.5 kb cDNA was isolated that hybridized to an mRNA, the steady-state level of which increased(More)
Control over oxidative phosphorylation by purified potato mitochondria was determined using the top-down approach of metabolic control analysis. The control over the respiration rate, phosphorylation rate, proton-leak rate and proton motive force exerted by the respiratory chain, phosphorylation reactions and the proton leak were measured over a range of(More)
The coordinate appearance of the bispecific NAD(P)H-nitrate reductase (NR; EC and nitrite reductase (NiR; EC was investigated in leaves and roots from European white birch seedlings (Betula pendula Roth). Induction by nitrate and light of both enzymes was analyzed by in vitro assays and by measuring NR- and NiR-encoding mRNA pools with(More)
Additional evidence for two separable responses to auxin is presented. The average of 24 control experiments indicated lag times of 12.4 and 35.4 min, and maximum rates of 0.57 and 0.54 mm hr(-1), for the first and second response, respectively. The auxin analog 4-azido-2-chlorophenoxyacetic acid increased the lag time of the second response (but not the(More)
Nitrate reductase (NR) assays revealed a bispecific NAD(P)H-NR (EC to be the only nitrate-reducing enzyme in leaves of hydroponically grown birches. To obtain the primary structure of the NAD(P)H-NR, leaf poly(A)+ mRNA was used to construct a cDNA library in the lambda gt11 phage. Recombinant clones were screened with heterologous gene probes(More)
We report on an exclusive and kinematically complete high-statistics measurement of the basic double-pionic fusion reaction pn→dπ(0)π(0) over the full energy region of the ABC effect, a pronounced low-mass enhancement in the ππ-invariant mass spectrum. The measurements, which cover also the transition region to the conventional t-channel ΔΔ process, were(More)
A global systems analysis approach to yeast glycolysis is presented. Starting from a high flux steady state of anaerobic glycolysis rapid changes of external pH are applied. The dynamics of the transduction of the pH signal to the in vivo fluorescence of reduced pyridine nucleotides are investigated. Physiological studies indicate no significant influence(More)
Excitation spectra of ^{11}C are measured in the ^{12}C(p,d) reaction near the η^{'} emission threshold. A proton beam extracted from the synchrotron SIS-18 at GSI with an incident energy of 2.5 GeV impinges on a carbon target. The momenta of deuterons emitted at 0° are precisely measured with the fragment separator (FRS) operated as a spectrometer. In(More)