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We have developed probabilistic algorithms that leverage the associates network for distributed plan instantiation, role allocation, information sharing and adjustable autonomy with a team. By developing such new algorithms, we have been able to build teams of hundreds of cooperating agents, and test specific behaviors among tens of thousands of agents. In(More)
Intent inferencing is the ability to predict an opposing force's (OPFOR) high level goals. This is accomplished by the interpretation of the OPFOR's disposition, movements, and actions within the context of known OPFOR doctrine and knowledge of the environment. For example, given likely OPFOR force size, composition, disposition, observations of recent(More)
This paper describes airborne sensor networks for target detection and identification in military applications. One challenge is how to process and aggregate data from many sensor sources to generate an accurate and timely picture of the battlefield. The majority of research in data fusion has focused primarily on level 1 fusion, e.g., using multisensor(More)
In this paper we present an approach for a pursuit-evasion problem that considers a 2.5d environment represented by a height map. Such a representation is particularly suitable for large-scale outdoor pursuit-evasion. By allowing height information we not only capture some aspects of 3d visibility but can also consider target heights. In our approach we(More)
This paper describes six functional extensions to the oneSAF testbed baseline (OTB) modeling and simulation environment: (1) the addition of modules to access OTB's terrain database, (2) a supervised, on-line "batch-mode" interface to OTB for running experiments, (3) the addition of virtual reality (VR) agent proxies for integration with a low-cost,(More)
Controlling a team of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) requires the operator to perform continuous surveillance and path planning. The operator's situation awareness is likely to degrade as an increasing number of surveillance videos must be viewed and integrated. The Picture-in-Picture display (PiP) provides one solution for integrating multiple UAV camera(More)
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