K. Suryaprakasa Rao

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The mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) is being broadly studied in clinical trials. Contrary to the early paradigm of cell replacement and differentiation as a therapeutic mechanism of action, evidence is mounting that the secretions of the cells are responsible for their therapeutic effects. These secretions include molecules and extracellular vesicles that have(More)
The detection and diagnosis of faults in technical systems are of great practical significance and paramount importance for the safe operation of the plant. An early detection of faults may help to avoid product deterioration, performance degradation, major damage to the machinery itself and damage to human health or even loss of lives. The centrifugal(More)
This paper presents the framework for forecasting the surgery time by taking into account the surgical environment in an ophthalmology department (experience of surgeon in years, experience of anesthetist in years, staff experience in years, type of anesthesia etc.). The estimation of surgery times is done using three techniques, such as the Adaptive Neuro(More)
In the case of kidney transplantations, there is always a serious imbalance between the number of kidneys donated for transplantation and the number of persons wishing to receive a transplant. This not only affects the quality of life of those unable to obtain a transplant, but it also has important repercussions on the treatment of End Stage Renal Disease(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper illustrates a retrospective study of the outcome of those pregnancies that continued from an initial episode of bleeding in first trimester. METHODS Neural networks is used for the prediction of preterm delivery, using various inputs such as the age of women, gestational age when the bleeding occurred, duration of the bleeding days,(More)
Gas-liquid chromatographic studies were done to determine the fatty acid composition of the digestive gland-gonad (DGG) complex of Helisoma trivolvis snails infected with the intramolluscan stages of Echinostoma trivolvis, of rediae freed from the DGG, of uninfected DGG, and of 41-day-old adult worms grown in golden hamsters. The DGG of infected snails(More)
A Na+/H+ antiporter-like protein (NHXLP) was isolated from Sorghum bicolor L. (SbNHXLP) and validated by overexpressing in tomato for salt tolerance. Homozygous T2 transgenic lines when evaluated for salt tolerance, accumulated low Na+ and displayed enhanced salt tolerance compared to wild-type plants (WT). This is consistent with the amiloride binding(More)
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