K. Sumithra Devi

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Leaf and oleoresin fractions of both alcoholic and petroleum ether extracts of Araucaria bidwillii exhibited significant prolongation of pentobarbitones sleeping time at a dose of 300 and 100 mg/kg body weight respectively in mice. This effect is more pronounced for oleoresin than the leaf extracts. Further, the two extracts seem to possess analgesic effect(More)
The antiparasitic activity of certain indigenous plant extracts was tested against the model bovine filarial parasite Setaria digitata. Among the plants tested, the extracts of Strebulus asper was found to be most effective. The chloroform and other phase of the organic solvents showed most activity indicating that the active compound may be a non polar(More)
Different concentrations of the methanolic extractable portion of Strebulus asper were tested for antiparasitic activity and 20 mg / 100 ml of the drug solution was found to be most effective. The effect of methanol extract at different concentrations on tissues components like glycogen, total fat, total protein, RNA and DNA showed that the carbohydrate and(More)
The LD(50) of the water and methanolic extractable portion of S. asper was 230mgm/kgm body weight and 200 mgm/kgm body weight respectively. Mice treated with Saw1 and SaM1 portion of S. asper showed an increase in GOT,GPT acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase and β-glucuronidase in the liver after 24hrs of drug treatment, the increase being ore in SaM1(More)
The effects of the crude, methanol, hexane TLC and acetone extractable portion of strebulus as per on frog's heart and smooth muscle of rabbit were studied. The different extracts of S. asper showed a stimulant effect on frog's heart while the crude and methanol extracts showed not much alteration in the peristaltic activity of smooth muscle or rabbit.(More)
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