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The pure SVD based watermarking scheme does not have high data payload and high security. In this paper, we proposed a new robust multi image-watermarking scheme based on Framelet and SVD. It mainly addresses the multi-user problem in digital rights management. Framelet transform (first level) is applied to the gray scale cover image resulting in(More)
Robustness, Security, Imperceptibility and Data payload are the most important attributes that should be satisfied by a watermarking algorithm. A watermarking algorithm cannot satisfy all the required attributes for all applications. Best watermarking algorithms are chose, depending upon the application. Moreover, there is always a tradeoff between security(More)
This paper describes a progressive process for calibration of a shutter less Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) thermal imaging camera for small scale remote sensing applications. Usually thermal imagers are equipped with shutters which provide a uniform temperature source to correct the accumulated offset errors in the digital read outs of such cameras. This(More)
The survivability of embryo, especially during the early embryonic life is dependent on the effective maternal recognition of pregnancy. Interferon-tau (IFNT), secreted from the elongating blastocyst, acts as the primary signal for maternal recognition of pregnancy in ruminant ungulates. IFNT has been studied extensively in many domesticated and wild(More)
This paper demonstrates an improved methodology that can be adopted to build fault tolerant small satellites. In the proposed architecture the onboard computing is split between a dual controller system which involves two controllers placed on separate PCB's. A communication bus exists between these PCB's which helps in periodically monitoring the health(More)
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