K. Sudheer

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A recursive estimation of depth from a sequence of images is proposed. Using the spherical projection, a simple equation is derived that relates image motion with the object motion. This equation is reformulated into a dynamical state space model for which Kalman filter can be easily applied to yield the estimate of depth. Point correspondences have been(More)
Our proposed project was mainly based on GSM networks and controller. Barometer is a well-organized tool for determining atmospheric pressure. The altimeter is a tool which calculates the vertical distance in accordance with a reference level. The barometric altimeter, computes the altitude according to the atmospheric pressure. Accuracy and size are the(More)
A comprehensive simulation on the optimization of the management of the non linear effects in long haul light wave systems has been carried out by chirped RZ format as the format has significant advantages over the RZ and NRZ modulation formats in WDM systems We have tried to demonstrate that a system reach of long-haul light wave link could be(More)
Incorrect tooth placement and arbitrary shaping of the polished surfaces may have an adverse effect on the success of the prosthesis. This is particularly true for patients with reduced mandibular residual ridges, yielding flat or concave foundations due to severe bone resorption.The neutral zone technique is an alternative technique for the construction of(More)
CONTEXT In the current scenario of developing countries, dental caries has been a long-standing challenge in the oral health issue and still on the rise. AIM The aim of the following study is to estimate the caries prevalence in the primary dentition among children below 5 years of age. MATERIALS AND METHODS [corrected] Study population included both(More)
— One of the important steps in the data mining is Sequential pattern mining and it comes after the pre-processing phase of Web Usage Mining. Pattern discovery deals with the sorted set of data items presented as part of a sequence. Using this sequential pattern mining, users can easily recognize the web paths that users commonly follow on a web site. The(More)
  • K Sudheer, K Sakthidhasan, P Musthafa, Asst Professor
  • 2011
The direct torque control theory has achieved great success in the control of induction motor and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. Many attempts have been made to implement the idea of DTC of induction motor to PMSM since 1990's.The DTC is implemented by selecting the proper voltage vector according to the switching status of inverter which was(More)
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