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improves the effectiveness of a design decision based on the use of a less accurate function. In this paper, we propose a method that exploits the concept of rank transformation to aggregate high fidelity information in a cost effective manner. This information is used to develop an empirical cumulative probability distribution function for residue such(More)
Copy move forgery is a one of the common type of image forgery method. There are different methods of image forgery by copy move. One such method is where a background portion of image is copied and pasted on the foreground object to hide the some information from the image. In this paper we proposed a method for detection of such image tampering with the(More)
Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) interaction with Receptor for AGEs (RAGE) activates downstream signaling and evokes inflammatory responses in vascular cells. Therefore, it is of interest to design a novel series of molecules with a library of 352 compounds based on natural Isoflavone and Argpyrimidine moities. The compounds screened against the(More)
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