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The diet of the populations in southern Europe, particularly those living in the Mediterranean areas, was characterized by a relatively higher consumption of fish, olive oil, vegetables and fruit and by a lower consumption of meat and animal fat. In terms of nutrients the most significant difference between the Mediterranean type of diet and the diet of(More)
The relationship of relative body weight (RBW) and adiposity to blood pressure and blood lipids was studied in a selected group of adolescents aged 15-17 years with RBW between 95 and 140 per cent and body fat tissue between 10 and 45 per cent. The increase in RBW and percentage of body fat was positively associated with systolic blood pressure in boys and(More)
The total mercury and methylmercury content of seafood was studied in an area of the Adriatic Sea polluted with inorganic mercury from a local industrial plant. The industrial pollution has affected both the total and the methylmercury content of seafood, but only the difference in the total mercury level was statistically significant when compared with a(More)
The effects of pyridoxine and riboflavin supplementation on physical fitness was studied in a group of children with higher prevalence of subclinical, biochemically defined pyridoxine and riboflavin deficiencies. One hundred and thirteen children aged 12-14 years were allocated to three groups to receive daily (except Sundays) for two months either a(More)