K. Srinivasa Rao

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This paper deals with the performance evaluation of a two node communication network with dynamic bandwidth allocation and modified phase type transmission having bulk arrivals. The performance of the statistical multiplexing is measured by approximating with the compound Poisson process and the transmission completions with Poisson processes. It is further(More)
Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) allow portable mobile devices to establish communication path without having any central infrastructure. Since there is no central infrastructure and the mobile devices are moving randomly, they may give rise to various kinds of problems, such as energy efficient and multicast congestion control. In this paper the problem of(More)
In this paper, the authors propose a new method to compute the fuzzy latest times and float times of activities for a project scheduling problem with fuzzy activity times. The authors have considered LR fuzzy numbers to represent the activity times. As the data of the problem are LR fuzzy numbers, the authors have shown that the results are also in terms of(More)
The speech signal in general is corrupted by noise and the noise signal does not affect the speech signal uniformly over the entire spectrum. An improved Wiener filtering method is proposed in this paper for reducing background noise from speech signal in colored noise environments. In view of nonlinear variation of human ear sensibility in frequency(More)
We discuss the practical, professional education in information systems and operations management available to undergraduate systems engineers at the University of Virginia through participation in relevant Capstone projects in this paper. Thus, its perspective is more experiential than theoretical. The structure and administration of the Department of(More)
Speech signals of the letter ‘zha’ (H) in Tamil language of 3 males and 3 females were coded using an improved version of Linear Predictive Coding (LPC). The sampling frequency was at 16 kHz and the bit rate was at 15450 bits per second, where the original bit rate was at 128000 bits per second with the help of wave surfer audio tool. The output LPC(More)