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Radio spectrum is natural limited resource, which cannot be owned. Many new technologies are emerging which require spectrum for faster growth. ITU has projected that 1720 MHz spectrum will be required by the year 2020. Several services are knocking the door of telecom market but these promising services cannot be rolled out due to non-availability of(More)
This paper attempts to find out the distributed server-based dynamic spectrum allocation (DSA) within liberalized spectrum sharing regulation concept as an alternative to existing regulation based on fixed frequency spectrum allocation schemes towards development of cognitive radio for coverage-based analogy. The present study investigates a scenario where(More)
An attempt has been made to analyze the spectrum utilization across different cellular i.e. GSM, CDMA, UMTS and WiMAX under realistic traffic scenario. The presented simulation study in this paper shows that on an average around 60% of the spectrum remains unutilized for duration of 24 hr. The Dynamic Spectrum Allocation (DSA) approach optimized by Genetic(More)
As technology enters into deep submicron regime, subthreshold leakage power increases exponentially and become a limiting factor in the performance of portable and battery operated electronic devices. To increase the life of battery and computational capacities of portable devices the reduction of power in standby/ sleep mode is evident. Now a day's power(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the phytochemical compounds of Wattakaka volubilis ethanolic leaf extracts. The phytochemical compounds were screened by GC-MS method. The ethanolic leaf extracts presented 32 bioactive compounds. The identification of phytochemical compounds is based on the peak area, molecular weight and molecular formula.(More)
Radio spectrum is limited resource, its efficient use is prime concern. Normally, spectrum is allocated for any services on 20 years or more. In coming days, spectrum would be needed for shorter duration instead of longer duration of 20 years due to fast changing scenario and advancement in technology. In such situation, auction of spectrum for longer(More)
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