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(Keywords: CSHM, WTM) Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filtering operation can be expressed as Multiplication of vectors by scalars. A high speed design for FIR filters based on a Computation Sharing Multiplier (CSHM) is presented here. This CSHM [1,5], which specially targets computation re-use in vector-scalar products. Our recently proposed Computation(More)
This paper proposes and implements an energy efficient, high speed pipelined Multiply and Accumulate (MAC) architecture for DSP applications. A controller has been designed to detect the input pattern such that it bypasses multiplier and accumulator units depending on the consecutive input bits. This architecture is used for both signed and unsigned(More)
– In this day and age spatial image classification has become a challenging task. Many systems are developed based on the different approaches of retrieval but the need of image based retrieval system is of dire need. It takes into account an image as the input query and the images are retrieved based on content of the image which is a complicated task. For(More)
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