K Spöker-Maas

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Since 1992, in Baden-Württemberg, ten-year old children have been surveyed in the project "Sentinel Health Departments" to study their exposure to environmental pollutants and possible health effects. In the four study areas 1200 children have been investigated every year initially, since 1996 every second year. The data for mercury in body fluids are(More)
Although PCB and PCB-containing materials are not processed for a long time, PCB is under discussion again and again caused by the pollution of indoor environments. To objectify the discussion, the dates of the PCB-biomonitoring, the organochlorine-compounds (DDE, HCB, beta-/gamma -HCH, PCDD/PCDF) and the polybrominated biphenyl ethers concerning the(More)
So far there have been rather few reliable and comparable data available on indoor pollution with mould. Following the publication of the Federal Environmental Agency and the Health Agency Baden-Württemberg which supports the assessment of mould pollution of indoor air, it seemed advisable to investigate as to how far these criteria can be used for the(More)
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