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Politics and Religion are both by nature sociological phenomena. That is to say, both bind communities together. And both divide communities from one another. Both emerge from and colour the Culture of the community. In this paper we focus on culture and religious issues in the SouthEastern part of Europe (SEE), paying particular attention to Bulgaria and(More)
The Age of Image predates and is currently contemporaneous with the Information Age. In our times the explosive expansion of Web 2.0 Social Space, typified by the phenomena of De.licio.us, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube…, and the concomitant emergence of folksonomy, present interesting challenges in the management of this information. One key process by which to(More)
The term Cultural Heritage (CH) designates a monument, group of buildings or site of historical, aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, ethnological or anthropological value. CH can be seen as of world, regional, national, or local importance. For example UNESCO World Heritage Convention [UNESCO, 1972] defines the cultural heritage of world value as(More)
We present in this paper an investigation on the chronological distribution of extant Bulgarian mediaeval manuscripts, suggesting a new function. We call the function " Chronological distribution of manuscripts ". The idea, which we exploit, is similar to the idea of the " volume function " , introduced by A. Fomenko in [1], developed and applied by A.(More)
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