K. Sooksood

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— This article presents a current-mode universal biquadratic filter performing completely standard functions: low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject and all-pass functions, based-on Current Controlled Current Differencing Buffered Amplifiers (CCCDBAs). The features of the circuit are that: the quality factor and pole frequency can be tuned orthogonally(More)
In this paper, a quadrature phase shifter is presented. Due to operation in current-mode, the proposed circuit provides a wide frequency response, a low supply voltage, low power consumption and electronic controllability. Thus, it is very suitable for use in portable and battery-powered equipment such as hearing aid instrument and wireless radio device.(More)
This paper describes design of rectangular wave delta modulation (RWDM) buck regulator for voltage regulator modules (VRM). This regulator does not require clock generator as PWM regulators do. It has simple and compact circuit; it consumes less chip area. Hence, it is suitable for VRM application. The proposed regulator was simulated by HSpice simulation(More)
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