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Properties of the human mechanoreceptors in the hairy skin of the back of the hand were studied by microelectrode measurements from the radial nerve. Correlations of unit activity with sensations elicited by tactile pulses (single cycle sinusoids of 20, 60 and 150 HZ) were examined with simultaneous measurements of unit activity and sensation thresholds and(More)
In this study, newborns' ability to discriminate durational changes in the fricative /s/ within a nonsense word was investigated. The results showed that infrequent increments and decrements of a speech sound duration elicit a mismatch negativity kind of response in sleeping human newborns. In the auditory event-related potential to these deviant stimuli(More)
The quality of sensations and the vibrotactile atonal interval-the gap between detection and vibration thresholds-were studied with vibratory stimuli of varying frequency (20, 80 and 160 Hz) and duration (100, 400 and 800 ms) applied to the hairy and glabrous skin of the hand. Detection and vibration thresholds were also determined while simultaneously(More)
Somatosensory evoked potentials elicited by sub- and supraliminal tactile pulses were studied during continuous threshold measurement. Two threshold methods were used: a modified tracking method and a detection method. With both methods threshold estimates of the same order of magnitude were obtained. Stimuli just above the threshold elicited a distinct(More)
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