K Skaria Alexander

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AIMS We examined variations in the shape of the human ear according to age, sex and ethnic group with particular attention to ear prominence. METHODS 420 volunteers were recruited. Measurements included; head height and length, ear height and axis, antihelix taken off angle, earlobe length and width, ear width at the helical root and tragus. Prominence(More)
10 Provision of urban water supplies to rapidly growing cities of South East Asia is difficult 11 because of increasing demand for limited water supplies, periodic droughts, and depletion and 12 contamination of surface and groundwater. In such adverse environments, effective policy and 13 planning processes are required to secure adequate water supplies.(More)
Decentralised water supply systems are becoming increasingly affordable and commonplace in Australia and have the potential to alleviate urban water shortages and reduce pollution into natural receiving marine and freshwater streams. Learning processes are necessary to support the efficient implementation of decentralised systems. These processes reveal the(More)
Managed retreat is one of the few policy options available to the Australian government to mitigate the risk of sea level rise for coastal communities. A structured withdrawal from areas inundated by rising sea levels may be the only viable option for some jurisdictions and in many cases may be the most cost effective defensive approach. At present, little(More)
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