K. Simpson

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Neuropathological (np) relative frequency estimates of dementia may be biased if the autopsied subjects are not representative of all dementia subjects within a target population. We identified characteristics that differed between autopsied and non-autopsied subjects from an incident-based dementia case series and compared autopsy-based estimates of the(More)
—Models of users are a way to understand and improve the usability of computer interfaces. We present here a model in ACT-R cognitive-modeling language that interacts with a publicly available driving simulation as a simple analog for robot interfaces. The model interacts with the unmodified Java interface by incorporating a novel use of bitmap parsing. The(More)
BACKGROUND The use of short screening questionnaires may be a promising option for identifying children at risk for depression in a community setting. The objective of this study was to assess the validity of the Short Mood and Feelings Questionnaire (SMFQ) and one- and two-item screening instruments for depressive disorders in a school-based sample of(More)
It is widely reported that music can be beneficial to individuals with autism. This review was undertaken to determine the evidence base for the use of music as an intervention for children with autism. After searching relevant databases, 128 articles were identified of which 20 articles met the study's inclusion criteria. Composed songs and improvisational(More)
Accurate antemortem prediction of Lewy body pathology in patients with dementia is problematic. This study generates a model that better predicts Lewy body pathology in community-based patients with clinical Alzheimer's disease. Lewy body pathology was detected in 80 of 152 participants (52.6%) with an initial diagnosis of probable Alzheimer's disease. In a(More)
A b s t r a c t As a way to understand and improve the usability of computer interfaces, we have been creating model users using the ACT-R cognitive modeling language. We present here a model that uses a publicly available JAVA-based driving game. The model's structure describes the knowledge the human operator must have; the model's performance makes(More)
Recent estimates suggest that 1 in 12 of the global population suffers from diabetes mellitus. Approximately 40 % of those affected will go on to develop diabetes-related chronic kidney disease or diabetic nephropathy (DN). DN is a major cause of disability and premature death. Existing tests for prognostic purposes are limited and can be invasive, and(More)
BACKGROUND Despite compelling evidence of the benefits of treatment and well-accepted guidelines for treatment, hypertension is controlled in less than one-half of United States citizens. METHODS/DESIGN This randomized controlled trial tests whether explicit financial incentives promote the translation of guideline-recommended care for hypertension into(More)
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