K. Shreedarshan

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Data Exchange in the form of multimedia has seen a tremendous increase in the past decade thereby requiring a need for better security and protection for proprietary rights. Blind Watermarking is a well-established authentication technique and in this paper, we propose a novel algorithm for watermarking videos. The proposed concepts include Adaptive Frame(More)
This paper presents a new video compression algorithm with improved compression performance. The proposed algorithm works with any existing compression algorithm to provide added compression. This kind of series application of algorithm with existing algorithms provides flexibility it terms of implementation and integration with existing products. The(More)
Shadows cast by the moving objects may lead to several errors in the process of moving object detection and tracking. Since the shadows are connected to the object and move along with it, false object detection may occur in addition to the problem of false connectivity and loss of background texture. Hence shadow detection is an important preprocessing step(More)
Object Tracking is usually performed in the context of higher-level applications that require the location and/or shape of the object in every frame. Most works are focused on a specific application, such as tracking human, car, or pre-learned objects. All these require database and considerable amount of training time to detect the current object and to(More)
Since last decade, crowd behaviour analysis and management gained lots of consideration from the researchers for the intelligent video systems. Automated surveillance systems faces challenges in crowd behaviour modeling and analysis because of dynamic characteristics of crowd and individuals. In this paper we propose a new approach for the detection and(More)
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