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This study describes comprehensive polling of transcription start and termination sites and analysis of previously unidentified full-length complementary DNAs derived from the mouse genome. We identify the 5' and 3' boundaries of 181,047 transcripts with extensive variation in transcripts arising from alternative promoter usage, splicing, and(More)
Only a small proportion of the mouse genome is transcribed into mature messenger RNA transcripts. There is an international collaborative effort to identify all full-length mRNA transcripts from the mouse, and to ensure that each is represented in a physical collection of clones. Here we report the manual annotation of 60,770 full-length mouse complementary(More)
alpha 1-Adrenoceptors (ARs) comprise a heterogeneous family, and subtype-selective ligands are valuable for studying the functional role of each receptor subtype. We characterized a newly synthesized, alpha 1-AR antagonist, KMD-3213, by using Chinese hamster ovary cells stably expressing the three cloned human alpha 1-ARs (alpha 1a, alpha 1b, and alpha 1d),(More)
In the past several decades, the tropospheric westerly winds in the Southern Hemisphere have been observed to accelerate on the poleward side of the surface wind maximum. This has been attributed to the combined anthropogenic effects of increasing greenhouse gases and decreasing stratospheric ozone and is predicted to continue by the Intergovernmental Panel(More)
The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was applied to identify six meats (cattle, pig, chicken, sheep, goat and horse) as raw materials for products. By mixing seven primers in appropriate ratios, species-specific DNA fragments could be identified by only one multiplex PCR. A forward primer was designed on a conserved DNA sequence in the mitochondrial(More)
A cytosolic acetyl-CoA hydrolase (CACH) was purified from rat liver to homogeneity by a new method using Triton X-100 as a stabilizer. We digested the purified enzyme with an endopeptidase and determined the N-terminal amino-acid sequences of the two proteolytic fragments. From the sequence data, we designed probes for RT-PCR, and amplified CACH cDNA from(More)
Taking advantage of the antitumor effect of hyperthermia, we administered intrapleural perfusion hyperthermo-chemotherapy for the treatment of malignant pleural seeding or pleural effusion. This consists of irrigating the pleural space for 2 hours with 43 degrees C saline solution containing cis-platinum using specially devised extracorporeal circuits. From(More)
BACKGROUND It is not always possible to predict when tracheal intubation will be difficult or impossible. The authors wanted to determine whether indirect laryngoscopy could identify patients in whom intubation was difficult. METHODS Indirect laryngoscopy was done in 2,504 patients. The Wilson risk sum score and the modified Mallampati score were also(More)
The RIKEN Mouse Gene Encyclopaedia Project, a systematic approach to determining the full coding potential of the mouse genome, involves collection and sequencing of full-length complementary DNAs and physical mapping of the corresponding genes to the mouse genome. We organized an international functional annotation meeting (FANTOM) to annotate the first(More)
Tyrosinase is a rate-limiting enzyme in melanin biosynthesis and is specifically expressed in differentiated melanocytes. We have identified the enhancer element in the 5'-flanking region of the human tyrosinase gene that is responsible for its pigment cell-specific transcription and have termed it tyrosinase distal element (TDE) (positions -1861 to -1842).(More)