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This paper implements serial data communication using I<sup>2</sup>C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) master bus controller using a field programmable gate array (FPGA). The I<sup>2</sup>C master bus controller was interfaced with MAXIM DS1307, which act as a slave. This module was designed in Verilog HDL and simulated in Modelsim 10.1c The design was synthesized(More)
— The migration to wireless network from wired network has been a universal trend in recent days. Wireless broadcasting is a mechanism for dispersing identical information in the wireless mobile environment. In this paper, we propose an XML broadcasting scheme. The wireless XML data stream consists of sequence of integrated nodes, called G-node. G-node is a(More)
  • K Preethi, S Shinija, J A Dhinesh Joseph, U G Students, B E Cse
  • 2014
– Different user have different search goals when they submit query to the search engine.These query are analyzed to get revelant information.This paper describes a novel approach to conclude the user search goals by analyzing the query logs.First is to discover different search goals by clustering the feedback sessions Second is to generate pseudo(More)
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