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A new amperometric biosensor, based on deposition of glucose oxidase (GOD) onto crystalline gold (Au) nanoparticle modified multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWNT) electrode, is presented. MWNTs have been synthesized by catalytic chemical vapor decomposition of acetylene over rare-earth-based AB2 (DyNi2) alloy hydride catalyst. Purified MWNTs have been decorated(More)
Hydrogen storage in materials is of significant importance in the present scenario of depleting conventional energy sources. Porous solids such as activated carbon or nanostructured carbon materials have promising future as hydrogen storage media. The hydrogen storage capacity in nanostructured carbon materials can be further enhanced by atomic hydrogen(More)
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNT) have been synthesized by chemical vapour decomposition (CVD) of acetylene over Rare Earth (RE) based AB2(DyNi2) alloy hydride catalyst. The as-grown carbon nanotubes were purified by acid and heat treatments and characterized using powder X-ray diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy,(More)
In this paper, we show a simple circuit setup for experimentally plotting the v − i nontransversal pinched-hysteresis Lissajous fingerprint of a physical memristor the common fluorescent gas discharge tube. The setup helped us investigate the effects of physical parasitics (inductors and capacitors) on the memristor v − i.
Liquid Nitrogen (LN<sub>2</sub>) is used as an insulant as well as coolant in high temperature superconducting power equipments. Recently it is identified in HTSC transformers; the voltage distribution in the winding is oscillatory in nature. An attempt has been made to generate such unidirectional oscillatory impulse voltage (UOIV) of various frequencies(More)
We report the experimental observation of spin reorientation in the double perovskite Ho&lt;sub&gt;2&lt;/sub&gt;FeCoO&lt;sub&gt;6&lt;/sub&gt;. The magnetic phase transitions in this compound are characterized and studied through magnetization and specific heat, and the magnetic structures are elucidated through neutron powder diffraction. Two magnetic phase(More)
We prepared a new Mn activated ZnS phosphor co-doped with Ba that showed an interesting shift in the spectral emission from amber-yellow to red colour. We believe it to be an important result to understand the underlying Physics and for display devices. To realize this, attempts were made to fine tune the band gap of ZnS with various concentrations of Ba(More)
Unusual features in magnetization resembling the kinetic arrest of a magnetic glass state are observed in the La-doped double perovskite, SrLaFeCoO6. Neutron powder diffraction experiments confirm the presence of antisite disorder as well as a lack of long-range magnetic order down to 4 K in this double perovskite which displays spin glass-like features in(More)
Structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of sol-gel prepared, nanocrystalline oxides Pr(1-x)A(x)Mn(1-y)Co(y)O3 (A = Ca, Sr) (x = 0.3; y = 0.5) (cubic, space group Fm3m) have been studied. From the X-ray data, the crystallite size of Pro.7Ca0.3Mn0.5Co0,503 and Pr0.7Sr0.3Mn0.5Co0.5O3 samples is found to be approximately 24 nm and approximately15 nm(More)
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