K. Sendil Kumar

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In the title compound, {(NH(4))[Cd(NCS)(3)]·C(12)H(24)O(6)}(n), the Cd(2+) ion, the ammonium cation, one of the SCN(-) ligands and the macrocycle are located on mirror planes. The thiocyanate anions act as bridging ligands between the Cd(II) ions, leading to a polymeric chain arrangement extending along [001] around a twofold screw axis. The ammonium ions(More)
In the title polymeric complex, [Co(NCS)(2){SC(NH(2))(2)}(2)](n), the asymmetric unit comprises a Co(II) ion, which is situated on an inversion centre, an N-bound thio-cyanate anion and a μ(2)-bridging thio-urea mol-ecule. The Co(II) atom is coordinated in a distorted octa-hedral fashion within an N(2)S(4) donor set. The bridging thio-urea ligands link(More)
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