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Projectiles hitting the human body cause shock waves spreading throughout the tissue. To verify a presumed interaction between these shockwaves and nervous tissue electrophysiological experiments have been performed showing the following results: 1. Compound action potentials (CAPs) are provoked in the peripheral nerves by the shockwaves. 2. The amplitude(More)
  • K Sellier
  • 1987
When bullets are flying stably and ricochet on a surface, only one mark is produced. In contrast yawing bullets can produce a double mark if the angle of incidence is sufficiently small (less than or equal to 5 degrees). Distances up to 15 cm were seen between the two marks.
  • K Sellier
  • 1976
Investigation is made upon the ricochet of different bullets (full jacketed and soft nosed) from concrete or sand. The deformation resp. disintegration of the bullets depends on the target material, on the design of the bullet and on the striking velocity. The major resulting bullet fragments are classified following their depth of penetration into(More)