K. Satyanarayana

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Nitric oxide, a unique messenger in biological system, is ubiquitously present virtually in all tissues revealing its versatile nature of being involved in diverse physiological functions such as vascular tone, inhibition of platelet aggregation, cell adhesion, neurotransmission and enzyme and immune regulation. The tremendous advancements made in the past(More)
This paper summarizes current developments of e-theses in India and discusses barriers to implementation and proposes a model plan to speed up the process. If recent guidelines from the University Grants Commission of India encouraging the submission of e-theses for deposit are universally adopted; India will see a proliferation of institutional(More)
QoS (Quality of Service) aware task scheduling in cloud computing is a continuous practice due to the divergent scope of user needs. Henceforth the current research is moving in a direction to find optimal solutions for efficient task scheduling towards QoS aware resource utilization in cloud workflow management. Much of the existing solutions are specific(More)
Wireless Gigabit (WIGIG) network is a development and promotion of high speed wirelesscommunications in the 60 GHz band technology. The demand for higher data transmission rates and advances in the 60 GHz band technology are the keys for this new technology. WiGig technology uses 60 GHz band, where the availability of higher bandwidth in this band range and(More)
—Communal behavior refers to how individuals perform when they are viewing in social network Location. Load of data generated by social media like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube present opportunity and challenges to studying communal performance in a huge range. The range of networks entails scalable learning of models for combined behavior forecast.(More)
Cloud computing as been developed by the next generation architecture of IT activity. This is an Internet-based development and use of computer technology. Cloud Computing moves the application software and databases to the large data centers, where the organization of the data and services may not be totally dependable. In this article, we focus on cloud(More)
— Cloud storage allows users to remotely store their information and revel in the on-demand prime quality cloud applications while not the burden of native hardware and software system management although the advantages are clear, such a service is additionally relinquishing users' physical possession of their outsourced information, that inevitably poses(More)
The analysis of EMC problems caused by transient current and voltage on grounding grids created by lightning surges is carried out in the present work. Although this problem is considered by Zago.F et al. [26] complete data on the variation of transient voltages as a function of time under different resistivity conditions is not available. Considering the(More)