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— Privacy Protected spatial queries refer to spatial queries whose answers rely on the location of the inquirer. Efficient processing of Privacy Protected spatial query is of critical importance with the ever-increasing deployment and use of mobile technologies. We show that Privacy Protected spatial query have certain unique characteristics that the(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Radioiodine ( 131 I) or radioactive iodine in low doses is used worldwide as the first line of management in the treatment of hyperthyroidism. Information is available on the extent and severity of cell damage after a high dose radioiodine ( 131 I) therapy for thyroid cancer, but information is scanty on its cellular effects, its(More)
To make routing decisions based on more than one check, buffer residency, node energy and hop count and to provide an efficient routing method for wireless mesh networks, a fuzzy based oblivious routing is proposed in this paper. Simulation results in ns-2 verify that they perform better than multiple restriction routing. The AP need not be in the reach of(More)
The MANET requires rate based transport protocol for node-to-node data transfer to be effective. The well-known transport protocol processes the packets in sender, receiver and intermediate nodes and thus the energy consumption by the intermediate nodes are imperative. In this paper, a mechanism is proposed, which makes ATP as en-to-end protocol. The(More)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) result from the incomplete combustion of natural or synthetic organic materials. The working environment at a coke plant can negatively affect the employed workers who were exposed to coke oven emissions containing PAHs, which formed and released into the environment by the process of pyrolysis of coke. This study(More)
In this paper we introduce a finite automaton called partial finite automaton to recognize partial languages. We have defined three classes of partial languages , viz., local partial languages, regular partial languages and partial line languages. We present an algorithm for learning local partial languages in the limit from positive data. The time taken(More)
A wireless mesh network is a collection of mobile nodes that can be deployed without the need for centralized management infrastucture.The operation of wireless mesh networks depends on the cooperation among nodes to provide connectivity and communication routes. However, these situations may not always be achievable in practice. Some nodes may result in(More)
Most of the modern networks are developed based on continuous end-to-end paths and data packets are delivered through the network via them.The end-to-end fairness in an ad hoc wireless network is a challenging task compared to wired networks, which has not been tackled efficiently. The issues such as MAC protocol, routing protocol, the length of a route,(More)