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Secondary toxcity of difethialone to Barn owl (Tyto alba) has been investigated. Difethialone was fed to owls for successive periods of 1 (phase 1), 3 (phase 2) and 6 (phase 3) days via-rodenticide dosed rats. The owls survived after the treament of rodenticide on phase 1 and phase 2 experiments but they died during phase 3 experiment. The results suggest(More)
A new second generation anticoagulant rodenticide, difethialone (0.0025%), was evaluated in the rice fields at three different cropping stages, viz. Milky, Panicle formation and Panicle maturation, during Kuruvai and Thaladi seasons. The difethailone (0.0025%) yielded satisfactory control success suggesting a great potential as a rodenticide especially in(More)
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