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Data mining can be described as “making better use of data”. Every human being is increasingly faced with unmanageable amounts of data, hence, data mining or knowledge discovery apparently affects all of us. It is therefore recognized as one of the key research areas. Ideally, we would like to develop techniques for “making better use of any kind of data(More)
UNLABELLED Bacterial lipoproteins and lipid modification are gaining importance owing to their essential nature, roles in pathogenesis and interesting commercial applications. We have created an exclusive knowledge base for bacterial lipoproteins by processing information from 510 entries to provide a list of 199 distinct lipoproteins with relevant links to(More)
Our novel technique of pen torch transillumination (PTI) uses a cheap and easily available instrument (Penlite-LP212®, Energizer®, Missouri, USA) to visualize superficial veins invisible to the naked eye. We evaluate the efficacy of PTI in improving venepuncture success rate (SR) for patients with poor venous access. This prospective randomized controlled(More)
0950-5849/$ see front matter 2011 Elsevier B.V. A doi:10.1016/j.infsof.2011.05.001 ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +91 431 2503703; fax E-mail address: Kb@nitt.edu (G. Kannabiran). Context: Cost advantage has been one of the primary drivers of successful offshoring engagements of Indian software and services companies. However, the emphasis has shifted to the(More)
In recent times, customers have shifted their focus to offshoring vendors' ability to provide high quality software, in addition to the cost advantages. The present research highlights how knowledge management (KM) impacts through different factors on software quality in offshore development projects executed by vendors. A survey of 70 project managers(More)
There is large amount of financial data that are generated and evaluated at a high speed. These financial data is coming continuously, changing with time and may be unpredictable. Therefore there is a critical need for automated approaches to effective and efficient utilization of large amount of data to support companies and individuals for(More)
AIM The evidence-based project sought to improve knowledge and practice in the care and securement of indwelling urinary catheters. METHODS The project utilized a pre and post-implementation audit strategy, with the Joanna Briggs Institute Practical Application of Clinical Evidence System and Getting Research into Practice programs. The best practice(More)
Dear Sir, Thank you for your comments. All the patients recruited had venepuncture performed in daylight between 0800H and 1800H in a six-bedded open ward, except for a case that was performed at 2000H. Pen Torch Transillumination (PTI) functioned well in daylight, without the need to dim the lights to visualize the veins. No patient required central venous(More)
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