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BACKGROUND Despite the relatively high prevalence of gastroparesis and functional dyspepsia, the aetiology and pathophysiology of these disorders remain incompletely understood. Similarly, the diagnostic and treatment options for these two disorders are relatively limited despite recent advances in our understanding of both disorders. PURPOSE This(More)
BACKGROUND Like all medical innovations, telestroke must demonstrate successful outcomes to achieve sustained growth and acceptance. Asserting that telemedicine is faster, employs the latest technology, or promotes a better use of limited resources is laudable but insufficient. An analysis of stroke treatment within a telemedicine network in 2013 showed(More)
Emergency stroke treatment would benefit from the increased use of thrombolysis via academic or practice-based telemedicine systems. However, a comparative analysis of these systems has not been undertaken. Data on stroke severity and outcomes after thrombolysis were gathered on patients treated by a practice-based system and compared to published data from(More)
With the steady fall of prices and margins of computer hardware, back in the 1980s, many hardware manufacturers have tried to diversify their range of offerings. Bull Information Systems has chosen to change its major business direction to become a systems integrator and solution supplier. It has been a real challenge and a big success for Bull to succeed(More)
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