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Kuwanon G and H, isolated from the methanol extract of Morus bombycis, inhibited specific binding of [125I]gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) to GRP-preferring receptors in murine Swiss 3T3 fibroblasts with Ki values of 470 and 290 nM, respectively. Kuwanon H was one order of magnitude less potent for inhibiting [125I]bombesin binding to neuromedin B(More)
As the first non-peptide endothelin receptor antagonist from a higher plant, a new triterpenoid, myriceric acid A (50-235) (1) was isolated from the bayberry, Myrica cerifera. Myriceric acid A (1) inhibited not only an endothelin-1-induced increase in cytosolic free Ca2+ concentration (IC50 = 11 +/- 2 nM) but [125I]endothelin-1 binding in rat aortic smooth(More)
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