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Intellectual mobile terminals (or users) of next generation wireless networks are expected to initiate/Establish voice over IP (VoIP) calls using session setup protocols like H.323 or SIP (Session Initialized Protocols). To provide quality metrics of video conferences, telemedicine and other voice over broadband telephony (VoBB) applications. In this work,(More)
A 4G systems can provide a comprehensive IP based solution where voice, data, video streamed multimedia can be provided to users on an "Anytime, Anywhere" The aim of the work is to estimate quality of metric values with different IEEE 802. 11 standards (IEEE 802. 11. b. /a/g), utilized for SIP (Session initialized protocol) video call setup procedure over(More)
In present day to day life, effective data hiding methods are needed due to attack made on data communication. This paper presents the technique for the above requirement. In this proposed method, secret message in the form of audio file is embedded within another carrier audio file (. wav). In the transmitter end the output will be similar to the carrier(More)
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