K S V Krishna Rao

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A series of novel nanogels (NGs) with both pH and thermoresponsive properties were synthesised by free radical emulsion polymerisation of N-vinyl caprolactam (VCL) and acrylamidoglycolic acid (AGA). 5-Flurouracil, an anti cancer drug, was successfully loaded into these nanogels via equilibrium swelling method. The encapsulation efficiency of 5-FU was found(More)
Interpenetrating polymeric network nanogels (IPN-NGs) composed of natural gelatin biological protein macromolecules and poly(acrylamidoglycolic acid) were produced by simple free radical emulsion polymerization. The developed IPN-NGs were characterized by Fourier-transform infra-red spectroscopy to confirm the formation of NGs. The hydrophobic curcumin drug(More)
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