K S Sugi

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  • Shivan Korath, Indranath Sugi, Thumu Chakraborty, Jyoti Sarita Udayabhaskararao, Thalappil Mohanty, Pradeep +5 others
  • 2013
We report the systematic size evolution of an organic-soluble, atomically precise silver cluster (product 1) of ≈0.9 nm diameter to superlattices (SLs). Product 1 converts gradually to more stable plasmonic particles of ≈2.9 nm diameter (product 2) and constant heating of the latter at 100 °C leads to crystals composed of self organized nanoparticles or SLs(More)
We report the systematic appearance of a plasmon-like optical absorption feature in silver clusters protected with 2-phenylethanethiol (PET), 4-flurothiophenol (4-FTP) and (4-(t-butyl)benzenethiol (BBS) as a function of cluster size. A wide range of clusters, namely, Ag₄₄(4-FTP)₃₀, Ag₅₅(PET)₃₁, ∼Ag₇₅(PET)₄₀, ∼Ag₁₁₄(PET)₄₆, Ag₁₅₂(PET)₆₀, ∼Ag₂₀₂(BBS)₇₀,(More)
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