K S Samuelsson

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Treatment with an anticoagulant (AC) or acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), chosen at random, was given to 241 patients with symptoms of carotid transient attacks of ischemia, some of whom recovered completely within 24 hours (TIA) while the others had slight residual symptoms (TIA-IR). Cerebral infarction was recorded in 4 patients in each of these treatment(More)
In this study 28 patients with early stage HIV infection (CD4 >280 x 10(6)/l) were subjected to yearly examinations of the nervous system up to 7 years in order to detect any deterioration. Clinical neurological as well as neuropsychological performance was evaluated. The patients also underwent yearly neurophysiological tests (digital EEG, visual evoked(More)
Trans-resveratrol (RES), naturally produced by many plants, has a structure similar to synthetic estrogen diethylstilbestrol, but any effect on bone growth has not yet been clarified. Pre-pubertal ovary-intact New Zealand white rabbits received daily oral administration of either vehicle (control) or RES (200 mg/kg) until growth plate fusion occurred. Bone(More)
AIM The study aimed to investigate whether continuing potentially inappropriate medication (PIM) is associated with length of hospital stay (LOS) and postoperative mortality in elderly people undergoing colorectal cancer surgery. METHOD The Swedish National Colorectal Cancer Register and the Swedish Prescribed Drug Register provided matched data on 7279(More)
In 69 patients with supratentorial cerebral infarction findings at computed tomography (CT) were related to clinical state on admission and course of recovery. In patients with initial disability of slight to moderate degree CT did not provide prognostically useful information; in patients with severe symptoms at onset location of lesion to the internal(More)
Symptoms of brain dysfunction occurred in a 67-year-old woman with idiopathic parkinsonism on treatment with levodopa. The adverse effect reappeared in a more severe and prolonged form when she was treated one year later with levodopa in combination with the peripheral decarboxylase inhibitor Ro-4-4602. The symptoms were associated with a markedly altered(More)