K. S. Sachin

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We introduce the high-throughput synthesis of various (18)F-labeled peptide tracers by a straightforward (18)F-labeling protocol based on a chemo-orthogonal strain-promoted alkyne azide cycloaddition (SPAAC) using aza-dibenzocyclootyne-substituted peptides as precursors with (18)F-azide synthon to develop peptide based positron emission tomography (PET)(More)
Syntheses and evaluation of fluoroalkylated ciprofloxacin analogues are described. Among these analogues, N₄'-3-fluoropropylciprofloxacin (16) showed the most efficient antibacterial activity against E. coli strains (DH5α and TOP10) and a high binding affinity for DNA gyrase of bacteria. To develop bacteria-specific infection imaging agents for positron(More)
A series of fluorine-substituted monomeric and dimeric cRGD peptide derivatives, such as cRGD-ADIBOT-F (ADIBOT = azadibenzocyclooctatriazole), di-cRGD-ADIBOT-F, cRGD-PEG5-ADIBOT-F, and di-cRGD-PEG5-ADIBOT-F, were prepared by strain-promoted alkyne azide cycloaddition (SPAAC) reaction of the corresponding aza-dibenzocyclooctyne (ADIBO) substituted peptides(More)
The plantaris muscle (PM) is a vestigial muscle in human. The PM arises as a small muscular belly from the lateral condyle of the femur and then its long tendon inserts into the calcaneum or blends with the tendocalcaneus. There are many reports to describe the variations in the origin, nature of muscle, course of the tendon, and insertion of PM. However,(More)
There are currently many methods available for labeling proteins in order to study their structure and function. However, the utility of these methods is hampered by low efficiency, slow reaction rates, nonbiocompatible reaction conditions, large-sized labeling groups, and the requirement of specific side chains such as cysteine or lysine. In this study, a(More)
The dangers offered by the contemporary underwater propulsion system based on rotary thrusters on the marine ecosystem has expedited the research in the field of underwater robotics to find an eco-friendly alternative for underwater locomotion. The turbulences, noise and cavitation effects causes by the heavy impellers pose serious threats to the aquatic(More)
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