K. S. Rakshitdatta

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The nonlinearity of an element can be altered while retaining the original operating point and first-order terms by appropriately combining two instances of the nonlinear element with complementary scaling factors for incremental voltages above the operating points. Per-element distortion contributions in a circuit can then be determined by altering the(More)
The output common-mode voltage in multistage fully differential opamps can be set by using a single common-mode feedback loop around all stages or by independent loops for each stage. The two schemes are analyzed for their impact on the slew rate in a two-stage Miller-compensated class-A opamp. Analysis and simulation results show that using local(More)
A driver amplifier suitable for integration with an 18 bit 500 kS/s SAR ADC is reported. It accepts single-ended or fully-differential inputs. The driver consumes 12.5mW from a 5V supply, has a −115 dB (−120 dB) THD for 8Vppd output at 1 kHz (10 kHz), a 240 ns settling time to 0.01% accuracy for a 2Vppd output step, and an input referred noise of 11.1 nV/ √(More)
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