K-S Oyedeji

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AIM To comparatively evaluate PCR and other diagnostic methods (the rapid urease test and / or culture) in order to determine which of the three PCR methods (ureA, glmM and 26-kDa, SSA gene) was most appropriate in the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori (H pylori ) infection and also to evaluate the detection of a putative virulence marker of H pylori, the(More)
Portulaca oleraces is a shrub which is grown as a vegetable in many parts of the world. Many studies have reported the hypoxic nerve tissue protective, antiinflammatory and wound-healing effects of its extracts, but there is scanty information on its effect on reproduction. This study was designed to investigate the effect of its aqueous and methanolic(More)
The effect of oral administration of aqueous extract of Corchorus olitorius (AECO) at doses of 250 mg/kg BW, 500 mg/kg BW and 750 mg/kg BW on haematological and plasma biochemical parameters in male albino rats were investigated. The extract was administered on daily basis for 30 days and blood samples were collected for haematological and plasma(More)
The effect of oral administration of 20% alcohol (10 ml/kg BW) on haematological and reproductive parameters in female albino rats were investigated. The alcohol was orally administered for 30 days for haematological study, but administered orally for 21 days for estrous cycle study. Treatment of rats with 10 ml/kg BW of alcohol caused significant (p<0.05)(More)
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