K. S. Narendra

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[21] E.D. Sontag, \Mathematical Control Theory", Springer-Verlag, 1990. [22] E.D. Sontag, \Nonlinear Regulation: The Piecewise Linear Approach" IEEE Tran. AC, 26(2):346-358, April 1981. [23] E.D. Sontag, \Feedback Stabilization Using Two-Hidden-Layer Nets", Rutgers Center for Systems and Control paper SYCON-90-11. [24] P.J. Werbos, \Backpropagation Through(More)
The stability of a feedback interconnection of a linear time invariant (LTI) system and a slope-restricted nonlinearity is revisited. Unlike the normal treatment of this problem, in which multipliers are explicitly chosen and then stability conditions checked, this technical note derives existence conditions for a sub-class of these multipliers, namely(More)
The original flocking model proposed and simulated by Reynolds [1987] and recently analytically verified to be convergent in a modified form by Tanner et. al. demands tracking and combining the movement parameters of a potentially large number of neighboring agents. We investigate an alternative simplification of the verified model wherein only two nearest(More)
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