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OBJECTIVES That occupational exposure to mercury causes reproductive failure in dental personnel has been propagated by repeated reference to a single epidemiological study in Poland, published in 1987. The present paper scrutinizes the results of this study, and monitors its subsequent citation in the literature. METHOD Articles referring to the study(More)
Oral administration of high dosages of the dithiocarbamate pesticides maneb and mancozeb was teratogenic in rats but not in mice. The malformations, severe limb and craniofacial defects, were pronounced after maneb treatment but less so after mancozeb and propineb, zinc-containing compounds. The teratogenic effect of maneb was progressively reduced by(More)
Autoradiography was used to study the distribution of 2,2'-14C-methylene-bis-(3,4,6-trichlorophenol) (HCP) in pregnant marmoset monkeys in early (day 30-50) and late (around day 120) gestation and in a newborn (11 days old) pup. Radioactivity was present in the conceptus at all stages of gestation, although the foetal concentration was lower than the(More)