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The differentiation of THP-1 monocytes into macrophages is mainly conducted at a phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA) concentration of 10–400 ng/ml. However, this concentration might be high enough to upregulate the expressions of some genes in differentiated macrophages, which could overwhelm gene expression increases induced by other stimuli. The present(More)
Sterol regulatory element binding factor 1 (SREBF1) and fatty acid synthase (FASN) genes play an important role in the biosynthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol, and in lipid metabolism. This study used polymorphisms in the intron 5 of bovine SREBF1 and in the thioesterase (TE) domain of FASN genes to evaluate their associations with beef fatty acid(More)
In this article, we report the first experimental demonstration of sub-20nm MTJ cells for investigating the downscaling feasibility of spin-transfer torque (STT) MRAM, one of the most promising candidates to replace conventional memories. We demonstrate the STT switching of 17nm node P-MTJ cells, the smallest feature size ever reported, utilizing(More)
We investigate the sub-20nm level scalability of STT-MRAM cells possessing perpendicular magnetization induced from the interface of free layer (FL) and MgO tunnel barrier. We demonstrate that the MTJs utilizing dual interfaces of FL and MgO exhibit enhanced scalability with high thermal stability and low switching current, compared with the MTJs with a(More)
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the incidence of osteoporosis in patients requiring spine surgery. Among patients older than 50 years, the rate of osteoporosis in males was 14.5% and the rate osteoporosis in females was 51.3%. We strongly recommend an evaluation and treatment for osteoporosis in the patients requiring spine surgery, especially in(More)
Introduction: Efficient packet based transmission with high data rate and high quality is considered as one of the requirements for future mobile communication systems [1]. In addition, a frequency reuse factor of one is preferred to make the cell planning and spectrum allocation easier. Frequency hopping orthogonal frequency division multiple access(More)
We reviewed 15 patients with femoral non-union after interlocking intramedullary nailing treated with plate augmentation and bone grafting with the nail in situ. The mean time from primary nailing to plate augmentation and bone grafting was 10 months. At the time of presentation, the patients had undergone an average of 1.6 operations from the time of their(More)
In this paper, we report on the growth and fabrication of high power and high efficiency nonpolar m-plane (11 macr00) nitride light emitting diodes (LEDs) on low defect density bulk m-plane GaN substrates. The LEDs were grown by MOCVD on free-standing bulk m -plane GaN. All MOCVD growth was performed at atmospheric pressure, at typical V/III ratios(More)