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BACKGROUND Little is known about the prevalence of specific depressive and anxiety disorders in women before a new course of assisted reproductive technology treatment. Few studies have adopted the proper psychiatric diagnostic procedures. METHODS All consecutive women visiting the assisted reproduction clinic of a university-affiliated medical centre,(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the prevalence, impact, and related medication use or overuse of primary chronic daily headache (CDH) among adolescents in a field sample. METHODS The authors conducted a two-phase CDH survey of all students from ages 12 to 14 years in five selected middle schools in Taiwan. Subjects with CDH in the past year were identified and(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the relationship between anxiety, depression, vasomotor symptoms, and menopausal status among middle-aged women. DESIGN A population-based study involving a rural Taiwanese population. Participants received a structured questionnaire, which included the hospital anxiety and depression scale (HADS), gynecological history and a(More)
We conducted a self-administered questionnaire to investigate ice-cream headache in school adolescents aged 13-15 in Taiwan. The target population was 8789 students in 6 public junior high schools. A total of 8359 students completed the questionnaire (response rate 95.1%). The prevalence of ice-cream headache was 40.6%. It was significantly higher in boys(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize changes in cognition that occur during the hormonal transitions of menopause. METHOD We conducted a longitudinal population-based study in Kinmen, Taiwan, recruiting all women age 40-54 years who were premenopausal and without a history of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or hysterectomy. The cognitive measures used to assess(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of menopausal transition on the frequency of migraine has never been the focus of a community-based study. METHODS A cross-sectional community-based survey was undertaken among Chinese women aged 40 to 54 years in Kinmen, Taiwan. Neurologists diagnosed migraine based on the 1988 International Headache Society classification criteria.(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the outcomes and predictors of chronic daily headache (CDH) in a community-based cohort of adolescents. METHODS We established a field sample of 122 adolescents (32 M/90 F, ages 12 to 14) with CDH in 2000. These adolescents received annual follow-up by neurologists for 2 years via a semistructured telephone interview. CDH was defined(More)
OBJECTIVES This study investigated the incidence and risk factors of chronic daily headache (CDH) and its major subtypes in young adolescents. METHODS A field cohort of 3342 adolescents aged 13 to 14 was established in 3 middle schools in Taitung, Taiwan, from 2005 to 2007. Participants without CDH at baseline were annually followed up for 1 to 2 years(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the prevalence and correlates of comorbid psychiatric disorders and suicidal risk in community-based adolescents with chronic daily headache (CDH). METHODS We identified and recruited 122 adolescents with CDH from a non-referral student sample (n = 7,900). CDH subtypes were classified according to the most updated criteria of the(More)