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Close control of blood glucose levels significantly reduces vascular complications in Type I diabetes. A control method for the automation of insulin infusion that utilizes emerging technologies in blood glucose biosensors is presented. The controller developed provides tighter, more optimal control of blood glucose levels, while accounting for variation in(More)
This article describes a gynecology and pathology-oriented tumor tissue bank that is approaching the research requirements of modern molecular oncology and compared characteristics of nucleic acids extracted from preserved tissues. Through August 2000, 8869 specimens, including fresh neoplastic tissues and normal counterparts, body fluids (ascites, tumor(More)
Sublingual immunotherapy has been applied for allergic diseases, but whether sublingual immunization in neonates can prevent sensitization has not been studied. In this study, we evaluate the effect of neonatal sublingual vaccination with native or denatured allergens alone or plus adjuvant on allergy prevention. Newborn BALB/c mice were sublingually(More)
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