K. S. Dersanambika

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In this paper we introduce hexagonal Wang tiles, local hexagonal picture languages, and recognizable hexagonal picture languages. We use hexagonal Wang tiles to introduce hexagonal Wang systems(HWS), a formalism to recognize hexagonal picture languages. It is noticed that the family of hexagonal picture languages defined by hexagonal Wang systems coincides(More)
Splicing Array Grammar Systems (SAGS) generating pictures of rectangular arrays of symbols are introduced. The components consist of two-dimensional tabled matrix Grammars working in parallel and arrays generated in two different components of the SAGS are allowed to be “cut” and “pasted” according to array splicing domino rules. This model is motivated by(More)
In this paper we associate permitting symbols with rules of Grammars in the components of cooperating distributed context-free hexagonal array grammar systems as a control mechanism and investigating the generative power of the resulting systems in the terminal mode. This feature of associating permitting symbols with rules when extended to patterns in the(More)
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