K. S. Chidanand Kumar

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Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. Therefore, the use of assistive systems that monitor a driver's level of vigilance and alert the driver in case of drowsiness and distraction can be significant in the prevention of accidents. This paper presents morphology based operations in extracting various visual cues like eye, eye(More)
A new approach using phase edge based techniquefor night time pedestrian segmentation and tracking using Near IR camera is proposed in this paper. A Gabor filter is used to extract even weak potential vertical edges that belong to candidate pedestrian blocks even under non-uniform illuminations and poor contrast. Vertical and horizontal projection on Gabor(More)
The main objective of this project is to investigate the cooperative diversity technique as a candidate solution for combating turbulence-induced fading over Free-Space Optical (FSO). In particular, we consider a decode-and-forward strategy with one relay over Free-Space Optical (FSO) links with intensity modulation and direct detection (IM/DD). The error(More)
A stereo vision based vehicle/obstacle detection system has been proposed that generates alarms when vehicles/obstacles are detected in vicinity of near/mid region. Numerous techniques have been applied to detect vehicles/obstacles using a forward facing monocular camera mounted inside a vehicle. This paper presents a methodology for vehicle/obstacle(More)
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