K. Rose

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It is part entertainer, part educator , part purveyor of social norms. Much has been written about the effects of the media's constant presence in virtually all homes in America. Years of research alarmingly demonstrate the media's powerful influence on aggressive behavior (National Institute of Mental Health, 1982); current norms of attractiveness are(More)
The effect of weight quantization in multilayer neural networks is discussed. A method is derived by which one can predict the performance degradation at the output given the properties of the network and number of bits of quantization. Predictions from this method are evaluated against simulation results. An algorithm to decrease the noise at the output is(More)
Four experiments demonstrated that adults can reliably remember frequency of occurrence information about items they have been exposed to under truly incidental memory conditions. Subjects neither knew that the ultimate test task would concern item frequency nor that they had any reason to remember the items. This was accomplished by presenting items under(More)
In three experiments we explored the relation between normal variation in depressed mood and memory in college students. Subjects read and subsequently recalled stories whose protagonists experienced good, bad, and neutral events. Contrary to predictions arising independently from capacity theory and from schema theory, the recall of depressed and(More)
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to describe the importance of proper assessment of student learning and the process adopted by a CAM institution in the establishment of Student Learning Outcome Departments to assess student learning. Methods Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are specific statements that describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes that(More)
The European Working Time Directive, implemented by the European Union (EU) in 1993, was adopted in the medical profession to improve patient safety as well as the working lives of doctors. The Directive reduced the average amount of hours trainee doctors worked to 48 hours per week. However, its adoption has varied throughout the EU. Its potential effect(More)
BACKGROUND Compensatory strategies (behavioral/environmental modifications) can reduce the difficulties of performing daily living activities, fear of falling, and mortality risk. However, individuals vary in their readiness to use strategies. We examined characteristics associated with readiness to use compensatory strategies, the extent to which level of(More)
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