K. Revathy

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— Texture analysis plays an increasingly important role in computer vision. Since the textural properties of images appear to carry useful information for discrimination purposes, it is important to develop significant features for texture. Various texture feature extraction methods include those based on gray-level values, transforms, auto correlation etc.(More)
—This paper deals with different techniques for registration and fusion of remote sensed images. In this work the lower spatial resolution multispectral and higher resolution panchromatic images of SPOT satellite are used. These images are registered using a registration algorithm that combines a simple yet powerful search strategy based on stochastic(More)
for the recognition of isolated handwritten Malayalam (one of the south Indian languages) characters. The key idea is that count of zero crossings of wavelet transform coefficients of an image characterize it. A set of 3000 images of 20 selected characters are used for classification. All images are normalized to have same height, binarized and inverted.(More)
The badnavirus, piper yellow mottle virus (PYMoV) is known to infect black pepper (Piper nigrum), betelvine (P. betle) and Indian long pepper (P. longum) in India and other parts of the world. Occurrence of PYMoV or other badnaviruses in other species of Piper and its variability is not reported so far. We have analysed sequence variability in the conserved(More)
A loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) and real-time LAMP based assays were developed for quick and sensitive detection of transgenic black pepper plants. Primers (six each) were designed based on the nucleotide sequence of two target regions [kanamycin and Cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) 35S promoter] integrated into the genome of transgenic black(More)
Fractal image compression is attractive except for its high encoding time requirements. The image is encoded as a set of contractive affine transformations. The image is partitioned into non-overlapping range blocks, and a best matching domain block larger than the range block is identified. There are many attempts on improving the encoding time by reducing(More)