K. Ravikumar

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We present an approach that integrates protein structure analysis and text mining for protein functional site prediction, called LEAP-FS (Literature Enhanced Automated Prediction of Functional Sites). The structure analysis was carried out using Dynamics Perturbation Analysis (DPA), which predicts functional sites at control points where interactions(More)
In this paper, we use reinforcement learning (RL) techniques to determine dynamic prices in an electronic monopolistic retail market. The market that we consider consists of two natural segments of customers, captives and shoppers. Captives are mature, loyal buyers whereas the shoppers are more price sensitive and are attracted by sales promotions and(More)
In this paper, we investigate the use of reinforcement learning (RL) techniques to the problem of determining dynamic prices in an electronic retail market. As representative models, we consider a single seller market and a two seller market, and formulate the dynamic pricing problem in a setting that easily generalizes to markets with more than two(More)
Clustering the results of a search can help a multi-document summarizer present a summary for evidence based medicine (EBM). In this work, we introduce a clustering technique that is based on multiobjective (MOO) optimization. MOO is a technique that shows promise in the areas of machine learning and natural language processing. In our approach we show how(More)
Feature selection involves identifying a subset of the most useful features that produces compatible results as the original entire set of features. A feature selection algorithm may be evaluated from both the efficiency and effectiveness points of view. While the efficiency concerns the time required to find a subset of features, the effectiveness is(More)
research A. Agrawal J. Basak V. Jain R. Kothari M. Kumar P. A. Mittal N. Modani K. Ravikumar Y. Sabharwal R. Sureka Marketing decisions are typically made on the basis of research conducted using direct mailings, mall intercepts, telephone interviews, focused group discussion, and the like. These methods of marketing research can be time-consuming and(More)
The Cloud resource procurement of cloud resources is an interesting and yet unexplored area in cloud computing. cloud vendors choose a fixed pricing strategy for pricing their resources and do not provide any incentive to their users. That’s why to choose only automates the selection of an appropriate cloud vendor and also to implement the dynamic pricing.(More)