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In this paper, we use reinforcement learning (RL) techniques to determine dynamic prices in an electronic monopolistic retail market. The market that we consider consists of two natural segments of customers, captives and shoppers. Captives are mature, loyal buyers whereas the shoppers are more price sensitive and are attracted by sales promotions and(More)
We present an approach that integrates protein structure analysis and text mining for protein functional site prediction, called LEAP-FS (Literature Enhanced Automated Prediction of Functional Sites). The structure analysis was carried out using Dynamics Perturbation Analysis (DPA), which predicts functional sites at control points where interactions(More)
Clustering the results of a search can help a multi-document summarizer present a summary for evidence based medicine (EBM). In this work, we introduce a clustering technique that is based on multi-objective (MOO) optimization. MOO is a technique that shows promise in the areas of machine learning and natural language processing. In our approach we show how(More)
In vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) it is possible to locate and trace a vehicle based on its transmission. During communication with other vehicle or road-side infrastructure. The VANET systems need to aim for balance between base station on the performance of traffic - and environment - aware mobile ad hoc network (MANET) consist of mobiles nodes that(More)
In this paper, we propose Wavelet packet transform based prediction of trends in nonlinear financial time series data. Bombay stock Exchange (INDIA) was selected as a tool to show the Wavelet packet transform based prediction of trends in financial time series. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method substantially outperform existing(More)
The Bluetooth Server is deployed at different Areas and it's ID is transmitted to the Server. GPS Enabled will also roam around the City everywhere. If Non GPS Mobile User is available within the Limit of Bluetooth Accessibility, then User's Location is easily tracked. If User is out of Bluetooth Coverage area, then GPS Enabled Users will communicate with(More)